Diary over Finite Fields


I can't stop this blog anymore

Diary over Finite Fields, which is somehow updated irregularly, doesn't work no longer as a place where I post whatever I want to say.

That is simply because I don't write on here and anywhere else whatever I consider. I don't think that is bad though, I feel I am different from the past me who wrote a blog post every day.

I sometimes think that how should I treat this blog. Should I migrate this anywhere else, or just save and manage through the future? I have no idea.

By the way, I found a new service to write articles today. The service name is "しずかなインターネット" created by catnose, who is famous for creator of Zenn. I've started writing there as well because I always try using such services whenever I find new one.


The concept of this service is very simple. This is anti Instagram, I mean here is a place where users don't have to compete the number of like, don't have to create some useful contents and don't have to care for responses of audience.

I've thought at first this is the very place I want and I don't need to manage Diary over Finite Fields anymore!

In a while, however, I notice that above problem, how should I treat this blog, remains even if I will post all articles I write on "しずかなインターネット".

I've concluded, for now, I will post irregularly an article about per a month. This doesn't make any change now.

I cannot stop posting this blog even I don't need to write. In other words, this blog cannot finish for a while in spite of my will. Here has long history, about 10 years. Any services or technology cannot replace this blog in terms of the existence and continuing.

According to Hatena Dashboard, access number decrease and I haven't receive any reactions about this blog anymore. I don't know the reason though, still I have to continue to maintain this blog for the future. Nevertheless I don't have any justifiable reasons.

History has unexplainable value. I realize a bit of them.

In conclusion, everything won't change for now. Thank you for reading.